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Beef Steak

Diet. The more patients I see the more clear it becomes how crucial diet is to maintain healthy body and to prevent diseases. It is astonishing how bad most people’s nutrition is and that is including many who claim to be eating healthy and nutrients abundant foods. When analysing someones diet, the same patterns keep occurring over and over again. What is it? 

It is overconsumption of carbohydrates, often highly processed and not enough absorbable protein and fats. 

Now I can’t stress enough that most of the time it’s not the patients fault. Main cause is misguidance and conditioning about what is nutritious and what is harmful to the body which is a real source of health problems. We hear everywhere that eating meat and fats is bad for us and causes diseases. Hearing that people cut down on meats and consume fat free products, thinking they do the right thing and end up consuming high amount of carbohydrates including grains, sugar and fructose, often highly processed and with additives. Even if consume meat it is mostly bad quality i.e. deep fried chicken or fast food meals containing highly processes meat with poor quality vegetables and grains. 


 In best case scenario it would be loads of organic grains and vegetables and fruit (quite rare as even these people have their cheat meals and often develop cravings towards sugar) etc. Is it better though?

Long term they often develop digestive issues, loss of muscle tissue, mood swings, fatigue and have to take supplements. 


Since I have started promoting certain dietary regime to my patients, I have only seen positive results and massive support to the therapy, whether it’s acupuncture, herbs or both. 

Or should I rather say: the diet is the main therapy and the rest is support and to help the body to regulate and heal itself, because as soon as the treatment is over, the person has two options. First: come back to previous habits, which will make whatever health problem they had reappear and get sick again. Second: to continue eating nutrient dense, good quality foods, therefore preventing disease.

What is the most nutrients dense, highly absorbable food that you can and should have in  order to prevent your body from running into any type of deficiency?

The most basic macronutrients our body needs as “building blocks” are protein and fats. We actually do not need carbohydrates to function at all. The best sourse of those two is meat, eggs and animal fat, especially red meat i.e. beef, lamb, fish and venison including fat and other tissue that comes with it and organ meat, particularly liver. When it comes ti micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals etc. absolutely most packed in those is liver. Any so called superfood can’t stand a chance against this amazing source of nearly all that our body needs and really craves everyday.

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